Esoteric Tarot
Gina is a naturally gifted Esoteric Tarot Reader.  Gina is an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor who uses the Esoteric Symbols of The Tarot to give very practical guidance on life issues such as Career, Relationships, Creativity. Connecting to Your Higher Purpose and More…A tape of the reading is included.  Readings are available in Person or By Phone.

Gina Crystal

Healing and Transformation Sessions
Gina uses the modalities of Chakra Clearing, Hypnosis, Authentic Reike®, Guided Visualitation, Chanting and Drumming to help you to Heal and Transform Your Life.
You will :

  • Release and Transform Deep Emotional Issues.
  • Experience Profound Healing On All Levels.
  • Release Stress and Anxiety

Reading and Healing Combination
In this dynamic combination, you will receive a personal reading that targets all your main concerns and gives you practical advice regarding your current life issues.  Then  you will be asked to choose 1 or 2 issues that you wish to bring into healing.  They can be physical , mental or emotional issues.  Then you will receive a deep healing and Chakra Clearing that enables you to release and transform these issues to experience wholeness and peace.
A Hypnosis Session can help you to deal with anything from Stopping Smoking to Weight Loss to Self Esteem Issues to Creating A Loving Relationship to Discovering Your Higher Purpose and more.
Chakra Balancing
By using the breath and centering on the 7 Chakras or energy centers of the Body/Mind & Spirit, one is able to access blocked emotions so that we can release and transform them into more Joy, Peace , Love and the ability to manifest the things we need in our lives.  Sessions are available  In Person or By Phone.

Authentic Reiki® - The Radiance Technique®
is a science of accessing and using Universal-Life Energy.  Rediscovered in the last century, the science derives from Tibet and India and dates back thousands of years.  This amazing technique has many uses.  In The First Degree, the student receives 4 attunements which then enables him/her to access this Universal Cosmic Energy through touch.  You learn the 12 hand positions that allow you to give this Wholing, supportive energy to yourself and others.  As a result of using this technique people have reported a dramatic lessening of stress and increased vitality and optimism and well-being in their lives.
Past Life Regressions
This session will help you to access Past Life Memories and to apply them to Enhance, Enrich and Empower your Present Life.  Many issues in your present life may have roots from the past.  By accessing some of these memories and bringing them into healing, you are able to experience more peace and fulfillment in your present life.
Feng Shui
A Feng Shui Consultation can bring Harmony and Balance to your home and business.  By arranging your environment according to Feng Shui Principles, you can attract more of the good things in life to you.  Your home and business can then become your points of power to create more Love, Peace, Joy, Health & Prosperity.  Each consultation includes a Space Clearing, and Intuitive Personal Reading as well as specific Feng Shui advice on how to enhance the energy within your environment.  Prices may vary according to the size of your home or business.

Sacred Sounds of Drumming, Chanting and Tibetan Bowls
Drumming is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth.  The sound of the Drum dissolves any areas of density that you have in the Body/Mind/Spirit leading you to improved health and wellbeing. As the sound of the Tibetan bowls washes over you, you can feel a sense of deep peace within yourself where all things are possible.

  • Release of Stress
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Patterns from the Past Dissolve
  • Unconditional Love & Support
  • Connection to Higher Guidance

Individual and Group Sessions available.

Gina Crystal


Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records also called The Akash is a record of everything that you have been and the potential or probability of everything you can be in the future. It represents a record of your soul's journey on earth.  The Records exist in a different dimension from everyday life.  It is a place of Unconditional Love and Non-Judgement. Consulting the Records can give one valuable insight concerning present situations and challenges. It can help you to determine your Life's Purpose.

am a Certified Practitioner of the Akashic Records as well as an Authorized Instructor Certified to teach people how to read and access their own Akashic Records and those of others as well.   I offer Akashic Record Readings, Certified Akashic Record and Advanced Practitioner Trainings as well.

I studied at The Center for Akashic Studies created by Linda Howe.

If you are interested in an Akashic Record Readings or classes contact me. 

Gina Crystal


Gina Crystal 

Healing Heart Integration

The Heart is the Center of Healing for the Body, Mind & Spirit