Gina Crystal is the REAL thing! How do I know? As a doctor and healer, working with patients for over 22 years, and having personally experienced healing work from dozens of nationally known healers myself, I know when someone really transmits the juice, the life force, and Gina does, like a lightening rod! And her psychic insights are just as penetrating and on target. She helped open me to a much bigger vision of myself and my potential. Go to her! She's got the right stuff!

Dr. Stephen Summers
Austin , TX

Gina Crystal is a naturally gifted healer and intuitive.  She gently blends her knowledge of Tarot, Hypnotherapy and The Radiance Technique® to respond in a unique and personal way to each of her clients.  She has been very helpful to me in identifying blockages and clarifying direction in my personal process.  She continually amazes me with the accuracy of her insights.  I would highly recommend Gina to all those who are seeking hands-on practical help with their healing and wholing process.

Denis Prone MATP
Belmont, CA

Gina has an extraordinary gift to help her clients harness the healing power of the universe to get through turmoil or emotional pain.  I am glad she is there to help me through some difficult times…and teach me how to do it myself.  She is generous with her gift and always available to help those in need.

S. Komaru
Principal, Health Care Consulting Firm
Oakland , CA

Gina's approach to the healing arts employs a wonderful blend of nurturing, warmth and common sense.  When I underwent a Past Life Regression with her, I explored a past life that turned out to be very traumatic.  She led me to understand what had happened and why in a way that made complete sense to me both intuitively and logically.  She helped me release all that had happened to me and to integrate what I'd learned from that past life into my present life. This helped me to heal those long forgotten wounds and to move upward spiritually.

Mary Maloof, Translator
Atlanta , GA

I have had differing forms of therapeutic work from Gina over the past few years.  She is intuitively gifted.  She has a wonderful way of communicating the issues and challenges that I am faced with.  Her energy is positive, clear and caring.  Good teacher, insightful counselor, articulate communicator

Candy Tom
Retired Senior Vice President Human Resources Alameda , CA

Gina Crystal is one of the most animated and popular speakers we have had in our 7-year history as a business women's organization.  She educated, she entertained, she made us laugh and above all else, she caused a profound positive shift in the way many of us look at our lives.

Lya Sorano, Director
Atlanta Women in Business
Atlanta , GA

Gifted with insight into the core issues and explores the subtleties affecting the outcome of a given situation. Intuitively recognizes the effect of the emotional and psychological status of the individual in the resolution of issues. Amazingly able to accurately describe the trends and outlook for business ahead. Truly gifted and remarkably accurate.

V. Chang, Attorney
Alameda , CA

Gina Crystal 

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